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My name is Michelle Smith, and I have been privilaged to have been a Music Teacher for young children in St. Augustine, Florida since 1999.  I LOVE sharing my joy and enthusiasm for Music with the families that I have had the pleasure of getting to know in my classrooms.


I have experienced the benefits of music myself as a child with piano lessons and many years of ballet, and I am very grateful that I can bring my excitement for Music and Movement to my classes.


I have two children of my own, and draw from what I have learned from them into my teaching, as I believe that we have so much to learn from our children, such as being fully present in what we are doing at that moment, to enjoy silly and fun activities that tap into our own inner child, to move our bodies with joy and without judgement, to sing without worrying about what our voice sounds like but that our child just enjoys hearing us sing with them, and to allow our small children to be their own selves at this wonderful stage of self-discovery and discovery of the world around them.


My classes are held in a relaxed setting, so that children and caregivers can participate at their own pace without feeling pressured to "perform".


An Adventure in Every Class!

Ages 8 months to 5 years old

Classes are $10 per class, and $5 for siblings.


**GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE** CONTACT: for an invoice with requested dollar amount, and an invoice will be emailed to you.

Visa/MC accepted for multiple classes!





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Saint Augustine, FL 




Phone: 904-808-8535

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