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Welcome to Magical Melodies!


We are excited that you stopped by our web page, and that you wish to learn more about Music Classes for young children in St. Augustine, Florida.


Music is an important part of all cultures from birth. Parents instinctively sing and play music to soothe babies, as well as to show happiness and love.


Music ignites ALL facets of a child's development: intellectual, social, emotional, fine and gross motor skills, language and overall literacy.  


Music Class helps parents to bring all of these benefits of music together with the social learning experience and is a really big stepping stone to preschool and the rest of a child's learning process with other children.  Music Class also helps integrate the child's physical body movements with their mind, and exposure to new music helps them to learn the meaning of new words and new sounds, as well as helps with their memory in retaining these new songs. 


Each class includes dancing, singing, playing age-appropriate instruments, as well as interacting with their classmates with scarves, ribbons, or parachutes.


Most importantly, Music and Movement is FUN for the whole family!


You are invited to email me at magicalmelodies@bellsouth.net or call me at   904-484-6894 with any questions that you may have about my music programs.


I cordially invite you and your child to join me for Music Class at any of the locations listed on my Class Schedule Page for a joyful experience for all. Have a Magical Day!

An Adventure in Every Class!

Ages 8 months to 5 years old

Classes are $10 per class, and $5 for siblings.



magicalmelodies@bellsouth.net for an invoice with requested dollar amount, and an invoice will be emailed to you.

Visa/MC accepted for multiple classes!





Magical Melodies

Saint Augustine, FL 


Email: magicalmelodies@bellsouth.net


Phone: 904-808-8535

You may also get in touch by visiting the Magical Melodies Music Educator Facebook Page, please remember to "like" and "share"! (link is below).

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